WATCH: Great-grandmother finds love and ties the knot at 93

WATCH: Great-grandmother finds love and ties the knot at 93

Love is ageless! This 93-year-old's story will warm your heart.

93 year old finds love
Dorothy Williams (93) and husband Richard Rola (86) on their wedding day.

A great-grandmother who thought she would die single recently got married after meeting "the one” – at the age of 93.

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Dorothy Williams from Michigan, in the USA, met now-husband Richard Rola (86) after he was invited to join her family polka dancing three years ago and the pensioners hit it off immediately. 

After dating for a year and a half Williams confessed her feelings while on holiday with her family, telling Richard how special he was to her – and he decided to propose.

Prior to meeting Rola, Williams – who’d been a widow for more than two decades – thought she’d never find love again.

Talk about a fairytale happy ending!

Watch the couple's adorable first dance on their wedding day here:

At their wedding last month Williams offered hope and a word of advice to others who think they’ll never find love again: “There’s always a chance. Never give up.”

The couple, who now live together in Richard’s home, have 13 grandchildren and five great-grandchildren between them.


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