WATCH: When doctors told this mother her autistic son may never talk

WATCH: When doctors told this mother her autistic son may never talk

Sometimes you have to follow your parental instincts...

Mother reading a piece of paper with son
Mother reading a piece of paper with son/TikTok Screenshot/@thefunnymomma

We have been trained to believe everything that doctors and medical professionals tell us.

As much as that is something that we should do for the most part, sometimes stepping out of the 'all seeing' word of someone, regardless of their medical knowledge, is warranted. 

Especially when it comes to the diagnosis of autism. Because what we have noticed is that you cannot use a 'one size fits all' approach to this condition. Following the direction from medical personnel exclusively can be limiting and put your child in a box. 

The stigma surrounding autism can be daunting for both parent and child, but with the right mix of edu-care, lifestyle change, and diet (believe it or not), the results can be miraculous. 

So says this mother who shared her story on social media. Katryce, aka The Funny Momma, shared the story of her youngest son, Ashton. He was diagnosed as autistic when he was three. 

After posting her happy child reading words on a piece of paper on her social media, she shared an inspiring message. Words for other parents with autistic children. 

This is what she said on her post: 

"Nearly three years ago, three doctors/specialists told us there was a possibility he might never speak. “He might but I want you to have realistic expectations” was something I heard a lot after receiving his diagnosis. And at that time, it broke my heart. But I kept pushing and working with my little guy..." (Instagram)

Check out the video below, courtesy of Instagram


When people asked her what she did with her son, she shared that the main thing was that she was not trying to "fix' her son. "He’s perfect. Changing his diet helped him w/focus/concentration so he can get the most out of therapy," she said.

What an honest and open way of accepting autism and making him feel loved (unconditionally).  

Young Ashton was just three when he was diagnosed and was non-verbal. Some of the things that momma did was changed his diet, added in a series of supplements, and committed to speech exercises with him daily. 

We love that she did not take full credit for his progress. She attributed the thanks to his teachers and his grandma for practicing his reading with him. 

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