What would you do if a monkey was flirting with your groom?

What would you do if a monkey was flirting with your groom?

This is what we like to call 'monkey meaning business'...

Wedding couple play with a monkey
Wedding couple play with a monkey/Instagram Screenshot/@fireandice

We've seen some crazy things happen at weddings before, but this has got to be the most insane thing. 

A couple who exchanged their vows at their destination wedding in Mexico were surprised by uninvited guests. 

If you're thinking an ex, you are going down the wrong lane. 

WATCH what happens in the video below, courtesy of Instagram:

The couple was in the middle of their wedding photoshoot when they were interrupted by a monkey and her baby. 

Mama monkey was not afraid to claim what she liked. In this case, it was the groom. 

Many people came through with their comments, but for the most part we were surprised at the interaction between the monkeys and the couple. 


As KZNers we are quite familiar with monkeys. And we are always, always told not to engage with them. 

So, to see this couple engage and, more so, for the mama monkey to be so inclined to interact with them, was super surprising for us. 

Here are some of the best comments we loved reading: 

"Monkeys represent knowledge, intelligence, innocence, generosity, community and family. They also symbolize mischief, and playfulness which appears to be displayed by this young couple. What a beautiful way to highlight the couple guys! Perfect representation and attributes entering into a new marriage. Love the pics and video" 

"She said that's my man and this is his baby." 

"She said take this damn kid! I don’t want it.." 

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Image Courtesy of Instagram

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