Why you shouldn't ignore a tantrum

Why you shouldn't ignore a tantrum

If you are a parent, then listen carefully...

Desperate screaming young boy
Desperate screaming young boy/Pexels Website

We have to admit that sometimes tantrums take more out of us than we let on. 

However, we have to be the grown up in the situation, because, well, we signed up for it...

These are tips we think will help when the tantrums get the better of you. 

So the key thing is to never ignore a tantrum. What it does is sends the message to your child that your love is conditional. 

It's also important to remember that a tantrum is just your kid acting his/her age. 

Remember that a tantrum is a way of your child asking for help. This is their way of regulating their emotions. 

So best to try and figure out what caused the tantrum, are they over stimulated, are they hungry, are they sleepy, do they have a dirty nappy? 


The biggest thing about tantrums that we fail to understand is that it is the biggest opportunity for us to connect with our kids. 

We know it is not easy dealing with a screaming child in any instance, but losing out on a great parenting opportunity may be detrimental in the long run. 

Both for you as a parent and for your child...

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