Would you be open to renting out 'half of someone's bed'?

Would you be open to renting out 'half of someone's bed'?

Due to the lack of housing in Toronto, Ontario, people are resorting to renting out half of their beds to house seekers...

A decorated spacious bedroom
A decorated spacious bedroom/Pexels/@Pixabay

The property market has been anything but stable since the pandemic. 

Some areas have improved, but for others, it has become somewhat of a cut-throat industry. Of course, property has always been something of eat or be-eaten kind of industry, but what's happening now is something quite bizarre...

The huge housing demand in Toronto, Ontario, Canada has pushed Torontonians to become more innovative and adaptable in their approach to housing. 

This has led to people using an unorthodox method to create housing opportunities for the growing population. 

"People are starting to list 'half their bed' for rent, which is a novel trend that shows how adaptable and creative Torontonians can be even in the face of a difficult housing market." (MSN)

"Toronto is well-known for its thriving economy, varied communities, and lively culture. But because of the city's increasing popularity, there is a huge demand for housing, which has driven up rental costs. A lot of people are finding it difficult to find cheap places to live, which is leading them to look at other options to help with the high expenses." (MSN)

We browsed Facebook Marketplace for rentals in the area and it seems the prices for a room range anything between CAD $850 to CAD $1,000 (R11,323 - R13,321).


With fewer house sales occurring and fewer homes being listed, people have resorted to renting out half of other people's beds. 

We are not sure how we feel about sharing a bed with a stranger long term... is it really worth being part of the thriving economy and lively culture?

"A listing on Facebook Marketplace offered to rent out half of a queen bed for $650 per month. Torontonians are exhibiting fortitude and ingenuity despite a difficult real estate market." (MSN)

Image Courtesy of Pexels

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