Would you choose lettuce over pizza?

Would you choose lettuce over pizza?

When your kid chooses to eat her veggies over greasy junk food...

Vegetable salad inside a white ceramic bowl
Vegetable salad inside a white ceramic bowl/Pexels/@Marianna OLE

As much as many parents have experienced picky eaters or lovers of junk food, we must admit that not all parents face this problem. 

However, as a collective, we rarely see kids making healthier food choices. That behaviour has a lot to do with parents and how they conduct their lifestyles.

Kids watch their parents eat, and they learn their habits from them. It's a tricky situation that doesn't have one view. 

Some might say with conviction that if you put a healthy and unhealthy meal in front of a toddler, the toddler will choose the unhealthy meal. 

But that is not always the case. And we are ignorant if we think so. 

A mother joked about her toddler being broken because she was happy to eat her veggies, particularly the lettuce from her salad, even though she had a pizza. 

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“yummy yettuce mommy”

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