Would you wear your night gown out to the shops?

Would you wear your night gown out to the shops?

Apparently, this is more acceptable than we thought it to be. 

Woman wearing rollers in her hair and dressing gown at shop
Woman wearing rollers in her hair and dressing gown at shop/TikTok Screenshot/@trewleyprecious

It is safe to say that we live in a world that can be quite judgemental in its outlook. 

Social media has been a tool used two-fold. In one way it allows the judgement sayers a platform to judge others, and on the other side, it also allows people to break the stereotype and stand up for their individuality. 

Many people have begun doing this more actively on social media; owning their 'so-called' unaccepted ways of looking or dressing.

One example of this was displayed by a British influencer, Trewley Precious

Before we dig into her video, as South Africans it is not at all uncommon for us to see our aunts, mothers, or grandmothers owning their public appearances whilst wearing hair rollers, bedroom gowns or slippers.

We're not sure if it is acceptable as such, but it is certainly something we have grown up with. And the truth is, we accept them for their boldness because they truly own it when they go out in public like this. 

Trewley Precious shared a video of herself going out in her dressing gown, rollers in her hair, eyebrow tint, and no shoes. 

Even though in all fairness it was to a shop in the estate she lives in, she was happy to announce that this was one of the reasons she loved living there. 

Because no one cared! And, surprisingly, she received quite a positive response from people who related to her. 

They even said they enjoy doing this as well. It also came up that living in council estates, which we assume is like council homes or something like township living in South Africa, it is completely acceptable to move around in your dressing gown. 


One person commented: "This is one reason i love living in the uk, shop in pjs and slippers? completely fine." 

Check her owning her look at her council estate. Courtesy of TikTok

*Please note this video contains profanity and is not advisable for sensitive viewers. 

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Image Courtesy of TikTok

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