Are you comfortable with wearing pyjamas out in public?

Are you comfortable with wearing pyjamas out in public?

Bananas in pyjamas coming down the stairs are cute. Adult humans wearing pyjamas in public? Not so much.

Woman wearing half business, half sleepwear
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A South African woman and her daughter got the surprise of their lives when they tried to do some grocery shopping at a store in Cape Town while wearing fleece tops that looked like pyjamas

According to the Daily Voice, Shanaaz Prins and her 63-year-old mother Fatima felt humiliated when they were turned away from the store because they were told they could not enter while wearing pyjamas.

"Sorry, no pyjamas allowed," the security guard at the door reportedly told them. 

The women were not actually wearing PJs. They had on fleece Huggle Snuggle tops that - dare we say - do resemble your average winter PJs. But nonetheless, the staff did not allow the women to enter. 

"I told her I saw people with onesies and said I entered the store like this before, but she also told me that they can’t let us into the store with these tops because social media says it’s pyjamas. I was absolutely disgusted and humiliated," Shanaaz told the publication. 

Check out their "offending" outfits here

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While it turns out that this store, in particular, did not have an official "no pyjamas" policy, several food retailers have implemented the rule. 

Spar made headlines in 2022 when a poster prohibiting shoppers from wearing PJs went viral on social media.

The poster read: “Dear customers. No pajamas or night gowns allowed." 

It was not clear if the poster was real or a joke, but Spar officials revealed that several stores had received complaints about customers wearing PJs. 

"Some stores have had complaints from customers that are uncomfortable with sleepwear worn in the store. In these cases the owners have exercised their rights of admission reserved and requested that customers do not wear sleepwear in their stores," the retailer told IOL at the time.  

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Should adults be allowed to wear pyjamas in public?

The issue of wearing pyjamas in public has been a years-long debate. Some people believe that it is inappropriate to wear sleepwear out in public. However, kids and bananas in pyjamas get a pass. 

But many feel that people should be allowed to wear whatever they want. What do you think? 

While we are here...

What about adults who go to the store or the mall WITHOUT shoes? Come rain or shine, there is always that one man at the grocery store walking around barefoot! 

Weird or cool?

Main image credit: iStock/Ferenc Cegledi

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