Young child left in locked car at KZN shopping mall

Young child left in locked car at KZN shopping mall

The child was found unresponsive but regained consciousness...

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As parents, we are always learning and there are things that our children teach us that never crossed our minds. 

But the reality is that there are those points of reference that all parents should know when they begin their parental journeys. One of those things is keeping a watchful eye on your child, because danger lurks at all corners. 

At first, it's about keeping an eye out on your newborn, making sure you are careful in all regards. Then as they grow into infancy, you grow weary of their movements and try to lock cupboards, cover electrical outputs, and restrict their play areas. 

Because they are known to be quick movers. But what about the outside world?

Usually, we look at the outside world as the poser of threats and danger. But that is not always the case. Sometimes parents themselves can be the bearers of endangerment. 

In this case, it was parents who had left their baby inside a locked car (without ventilation) for several hours at a Ballito Shopping Mall (north of KZN). 

"Medi Response spokesperson Paul Herbst said they responded to reports of an unresponsive baby locked in a car in a Ballito shopping mall." (News24)

A security guard had noticed the child in the car and alerted the management of the mall. The baby was unresponsive when found, but after the medical response team administered oxygen, became conscious. 

This is just one occasion of many where things ended positively, but what happens if the child was not noticed?

Now we don't want to be that part of society that points the finger in an accusatory manner.

But it was revealed that the parent was inside the mall for several hours. No further information was made available. 

In case you were wondering how a parent can do this, a researcher in Florida, US recently revealed insight into this matter: How dedicated and loving parents have done this in the past and how it does happen...


In case you ever notice a child locked in a car. There are some standard safety steps to take. 

  • Contact 10177 or security in the area
  • Get the child out of the car 
  • Seek medical attention 
  • If the child is responsive then stay with them until the medical team arrives.

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Image Courtesy of Pexels

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