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Good Samaritan gives away his bursary to help fellow student

Sometimes God sends us angels in human form, and this student is definitely an angel.


A student at the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University has given away his bursary to help needy students.
“When I received the bursary‚ I realised the opportunity I had been given and decided to give it to someone more in need of it than I am,” the student who chose to remain anonymous told
The bursary amounts to R90,000 and includes tuition, books, accommodation, and even a food allowance.

The student says the decision came after the #FeesMustFall movement showed him how the poor really struggle to make ends meet.

“I am fortunate to have come from a family where this isn’t a concern‚ so I can only imagine how much a full bursary would mean to someone who has to fight hard to be educated and struggle to ensure that their fees get paid,” the student added.

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Do you think the less needy should give away their bursaries to the needy? Share your thoughts with Mack.

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