Heartwarming moment cop rescues suicidal man with a hug

Heartwarming moment cop rescues suicidal man

A policeman rescued a suicidal man with a hug and it was caught on camera! 

Cop rescues suicidal man from bridge
Screenshot/NY Post

A 26-year-old man tried to commit suicide by jumping off a pedestrian bridge in Arizona in the USA according to reports by the New York Post

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A policeman named Aaron Little from the Chandler Police Department in Arizona found the suicidal male on the edge of a pedestrian bridge and rescued him. The cop promised to give the man a hug if he climbed back to safety. After exchanging some reassuring words, the young man climbed up and hugged the cop. The emotional clip has everyone on the internet in tears. 

If you're struggling with depression and are thinking of committing suicide, please contact SADAG on their Suicide Crisis Line 0800 567 567.

Watch the video below. 

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