Man builds 'Ark 2' in preparation for doomsday

Man builds 'Ark 2' in preparation for doomsday

The idea of an ark always seems extreme - until a disaster strikes...

Ark Two
Screenshot/NY Post

An American man has built an 'ark' large enough to accommodate 500 people in case of a nuclear disaster. 

Bruce Beach started building the site in 1978 in Ontario, Canada using 42 school buses which he claims could be humanity's last hope. The bunker cost an estimated $1-million and is about 10,000 square-foot in size. 

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The bunker, referred to as Ark Two, is equipped with communication equipment, water, toilets, a kitchen, and 500 bunk beds. The way to earn a spot on the ark is by volunteering to work on something daily. Hundreds of volunteers have travelled to keep the place in shape, securing space for themselves and their loved ones. 

Take a tour into Ark Two below:

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