Outrage after man punches woman he harassed in public

Outrage after man punches woman he harassed in public

A man punched a woman in front of a packed restaurant in Paris, France. What?!

Woman punched in face
Screenshot/YouTube/ Daniel Kalemasi

The horrifying attack on 22-year-old Marie Laguerre was captured on video and has caused worldwide outrage. 

The woman was on her way home when the unidentified man ‘made dirty noises, commented and whistled’ at her. Marie then shouted ‘Shut up’ back at the man. The man then walked towards her demanding an apology.

The man then grabbed an ashtray from a café table and threw it at her and in frustration, she shouted more insults at the man and that’s when the man hit her in the face.

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In the video, one of the restaurant patrons got up and grabbed a chair, seemingly with the intention to hit the perpetrator, but changed his mind. Other restaurant patrons went towards the perpetrator to reprimand him for his deed.

When interviewed by Le Parisien, Marie said she felt hatred. 

"I felt hatred," Marie told Le Parisien.

"I refused to be demeaned, it was humiliating.

"I refused to look down, I looked him right in the eyes, I was not going to apologise.

"I was in pain, but it happened in a few seconds so I did not realise it right away."

Watch the disturbing video below:

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