South Africans arrested during first day of lockdown

South Africans arrested during first day of lockdown

South Africans are already struggling to abide by the rules of the 21-day lockdown - just hours into its implementation.

Cyclist arrested

A few South Africans have been arrested in the wake of the coronavirus lockdown.

The first group was arrested in Hillbrow when police raided a club after midnight. Minister Bheki Cele had announced that taverns, clubs, pubs, and other liquor outlets should remain closed during the COVID-19 lockdown. 

The sale of alcohol is banned for the duration of the lockdown and citizens are not allowed to carry or transport alcohol during the lockdown. 

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“Movement of alcohol will be restricted. There shall be no movement of liquor from point A to B,” said Cele. “If we find liquor in your car boot, that is illegal. If you break these laws, you are [getting] six months in jail or fined,” he said.

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A cyclist was also arrested on the first day of the lockdown, according to the City of Joburg. The man was cycling on the highway when he was arrested.

Footage from the SABC shows patrons being loaded into a police van just hours after the lockdown kicked in. 

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