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WATCH: Dramatic footage shows the moment a kidnapped woman slipped note to raise alarm

A video shows the moment a desperate woman, kidnapped and held at gunpoint by her abusive boyfriend managed to slip a note to hospital staff to raise the alarm.

Note from kidnapping victim
Dailymail UK/ Volusia County Sheriff's Office

A man was arrested at a veterinary hospital in May after his girlfriend tipped off workers using a handwritten note stating that her boyfriend was threatening her.


According to Dailymail, Caroline Reichle, 28, was allegedly beaten for two days before her boyfriend allowed her to take their dog to the vet. While they were at the hospital, Reichle managed to write the note to staff reading:


'Call the cops. My boyfriend is threatening me. He has a gun. Please don't let him know'


In the video, the woman can be seen slipping the note to the workers and her boyfriend being taken by the police.

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The boyfriend has since been charged with aggravated assault, false imprisonment and battery.

 Watch the video below. 

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