WATCH: Driver outwits robbers with mad driving skills
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WATCH: Driver outwits robbers with mad driving skills

A Joburg driver's driving skills are being applauded after he escaped an attempted robbery. 

Driver outwits robbers

A video of an attempted robbery on Church Street in Amalgam, Johannesburg was uploaded to Facebook by Intelligence Bureau SA and has South Africans in awe and shock.

Watching the video makes you think about a lot of things - are you always aware of your surroundings as a driver? Do you look in the rear view mirror and think, the people in the car behind me could be hijackers or robbers waiting to attack? Well, not as many people are this lucky.

This driver's quick thinking and driving skills may have saved him from harm. From the video, it looks as if he knew he was being followed and the moment the car with the robbers cuts in front of him, he knew he had to get away. The driver has been applauded for his quick thinking and incredible driving skills by the public. 

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Watch the incredible video below:

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