Woman saves parking spot by standing in it!

Woman saves parking spot by standing in it!

A woman got out of her car and physically ran into the parking spot to avoid a parking spot 'rival' getting there first.

fight for parking spot
Screenshot/YouTube/Nicholas Chew

Have you ever been this desperate to get a parking spot at the mall?

A Reddit user reshared an old video showing an argument between two motorists about a parking spot at a shopping centre. One motorist left her car and ran to the parking spot to 'secure' it. The other motorist, still in his car tried to park but was told the spot was taken, by a woman on foot. 

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During the heated argument, another woman joined in to help keep the spot secure while the other went to fetch her car to officially claim the spot. The exchange went on for a while until the motorist filming the incident went on to search for another spot. 

While the video is old, it has managed to spark debate online - who's in the wrong? 

Watch the video below.

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