Angry bull charges and flips man filming on iPad

Angry bull charges and flips man filming on iPad

This is exactly why you should never take your eyes off a wild animal!

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Even though some are fans of bullfighting, loads of people don't condone this inhumane 'sport'.

Not only is it dangerous for those in attendance, but the poor animals are subjected to an act which they are not naturally meant to perform.

The video below clearly shows that bullfighting in Portugal is a very dangerous sport. 

The footage was captured by Gabriel Alves Vieira on the Portuguese island of Terceira. 

While some people can be seen taunting and chasing after the bull, a man can be seen not too far from the bull, capturing the action on his iPad. Suddenly, the bull starts to charge towards the man and tosses him in the air with ease. 

The man is seen battered and pushed to the floor by the bull when a few people attempt to scare off the massive animal. 

This just goes to show that people are clearly willing to put their lives in danger for a quick video. 

Watch the footage below:

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