Farmer resorts to using lion on property to prevent farm attack

Farmer resorts to having lion on property to prevent farm attack

We doubt anyone is going to mess with this farmer now?!

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A farmer has taken his security to the next level. 

In a video posted to Facebook by Elardus de Lang, a farmer is seen using a male lion as a security guard on his property. 

Farm attacks and murders are at an all-time high and it seems like farmers are going over and beyond in order to protect themselves.

For one farmer, a large male lion seems to have replaced the role of a dog in order to alert the farmer of intruders. We definitely think that this lion is going to do a lot more than 'alert'. 

The man in the video states that the lion is safely enclosed during the day and at night he is set free to be on guard.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think a lion can keep intruders away?

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