Animals in Halloween costumes are taking over the internet

Animals in Halloween costumes are taking over the internet

Did any of your household pets join the Halloween festivities?

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Artist Sean Chen had a lot of fun making Halloween costumes for his children this year. And, because he didn't want anyone in his household to be left out of the fun, he created a simple costume for their resident squirrel as well. When it came scurrying up to the window, likely to find out what the strange new object taking up its usual spot was, the squirrel found a mask waiting for it. 

A perfect replica of the one worn by the villain in the popular Scream movie franchise, the mask turned out to be a perfect fit for the little squirrel. 

Scream can't be considered a comedy by any stretch of the imagination, but this squirrel's costume definitely got a few chuckles out of Sean and his family. 

And squirrels are not the only ones that can pull off fun Halloween costumes. Dog owners went all out this year, dressing their pets up as their famous namesakes as in the case of this pup named "Prince", or dressing them up in something that shows their "true colours". See some of the genius canine costumes below. 

What did you dress your pets up as this year?

Image: Sean Chen Art

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