Gruesome moment tick is removed from man's ear

Gruesome moment tick is removed from man's ear

This sickening clip left many viewers disturbed when it went viral, and now you're about to be freaked out too!

image tick in ear image

In what may be one of the most disturbing clips we have ever seen, there is a reminder that this could easily happen to any of us.

The video begins by showing a camera entering a patient's ear, travelling all the way in until the eardrum becomes visible. 

As the picture becomes clearer, you are able to see the blood-sucking parasite latched onto the man's eardrum. 

Luckily, the tick was removed and the patient survived what could have been a terrible infection. 

Please note: This video contains graphic imagery.

So, go on, check those ears of yours!

If you are ever bitten by a tick, here's how you can treat it.

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