How many teeth does a fish have?

How many teeth does a fish have?

The sheepshead fish is known for its impressive set of teeth that are as strong as they are human-like. 

sheep fish
The Dodo

Do fish have teeth?

It's a question you don't often ask yourself, yet the answer seems obvious. Sure they do. It's how they eat their food, right?

The dental health of sea creatures may be a mystery for the most part, but one thing is for sure: sheepshead fish have a mean set of gnashers.

sheep fish 2
The Dodo

The sheepshead fish is found mainly on the Gulf and Atlantic coasts of the United States and is known for its human-like strong teeth. A sheepshead fish can break through the shells of oysters and crabs, as well as through metal hooks. 

With a strong jaw and rows of molars behind the sizeable front teeth, a sheepshead can take on any target in its surroundings. 

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But one question remains: how is it possible that these fish have teeth that are so similar in structure to those of humans? 
Some would say that it is we humans who take after the sea creatures:

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