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Let this wily dog show you what determination looks like

Watching a dog try, try, and try again to jump over a fence will give you the motivation you need this week. 

dog running through grass

When you come across an obstacle in the road, you immediately think of ways to clear it. Whether that means going over it, under it or around it, the chances are you will find a way to overcome it. 

Those who are particularly optimistic will also tell you that there is no obstacle too big or too small. 

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That is certainly the attitude of this dog, who was determined to find a way through, under or around a wall. The dog, who appears slightly weary after supposedly working on this dilemma for some time, decides to try one last thing: jumping over the wall. 

He charges at the wall and takes a leap, slowly building up momentum. 

After several attempts, each one taking him higher up, the dog manages to get over the wall. How's that for perseverance?

Jumping over doors and fences may not be the wisest idea for everyone, but we can all take a much-needed reminder from this dog: if at first you don't succeed, try, and try again. 

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