Madame Eyebrow is the saddest dog in the world

Madame Eyebrow is the saddest dog in the world

Born with distinctive facial features, this English bulldog is winning the attention of dog-lovers everywhere.

madame eyebrows
Instagram/Madame Eyebrows

English bulldog Madame Eyebrows was born with a downturned mouth and droopy eyebrow patches. The features give her face a sorrowful look which might lead people who don't know her to conclude that she is perpetually sad. 

According to her owner Janina, Madame Eyebrows is actually "very happy".

The six-month-old pup's woeful look has impressed the Instagram community, winning her over 30,000 followers, many of whom are fascinated by the way her face presents an image so starkly different from her personality.

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Her pictures beg the question: is there anything at all that can impress Madame Eyebrows? It seems neither treats nor fun costumes and the great outdoors are enough to lift Madame's spirits.

Madame Eyebrows may be the saddest-looking dog out there, but you can't deny that she has a certain charm to her.

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