Man's miraculous escape from death

Man's miraculous escape from death

Woah! Talk about a close call. Have you ever experienced a near death situation?

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Do you believe that when you die it's 'your time'?

In other words, there's a bigger picture and when your time's up there's nothing you can do about it? 

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Obviously it wasn't this man's time to die because insane footage has surfaced of an out-of-control bus that veered off the road and hit him as he was walking on the sidewalk. 

The man is seen being thrown down the street as the massive bus hits the pavement and smashes straight into him.

The bus hit him so hard the force of his head shattered the glass, but miraculously he got up from the accident scene and casually went into the pub! I too would go for a drink after that terrifying experience!

Despite being covered in scrapes and bruises, he seems to be doing fine.


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