Ohio man's drug-fuelled romp ends with a twist

Ohio man's drug-fuelled romp ends with a twist

Witnesses recorded a man in Cincinnati, Ohio ending a "bath salts" trip on a surprisingly good-natured note. 

scruffy man smoking
Man on park bench smoking/Pexels/Salvio Bhering

It is not often that you would describe seeing a person high on drugs as an entertaining experience but, for one couple in Ohio at least, this was precisely what happened. 

On a rainy day in Cincinnati, a couple witnessed a man doing a strange dance and apparently singing to himself on the street corner. By the time the man began swinging himself around a street light it was clear that he was tripping on drugs - most likely "bath salts". 

The deceptively named drug has no cosmetic use and usually appears in powder or crystal form, similar to cocaine or amphetamines. Its effects include a sustained increase in energy levels and hallucination, which explains the man's jumpy behaviour. 

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The couple recording the incident remarked that he looks like he is "having a great time" before turning their attention to the police car that arrives on the street corner, presumably to arrest the man. At this point, the man is so far gone that he sees no danger and walks right up to the police car, even attempting a conversation with the law enforcement officials inside. 

And then the man does the unexpected: he opens the passenger door and jumps right into the police car, effectively "arresting" himself.  

This was certainly the easiest arrest any of those officers have ever made. 

It is not clear whether police charged the man formally. 

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