Owners that chain their dogs could now be fined

Owners that chain their dogs could now be fined

The Durban & Coast SPCA has issued a warning to all pet owners to refrain from keeping their dogs chained or they could be fined.

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The SPCA spokesperson Lindsey Concer has issued a warning say that pet owners could be fined up to R60 000 or face 3 years in prison for chaining their dogs.

This comes after an inspector was called out to a home where a Staffie was being chained in the property. The owners was found guilty of animal abuse and could face a R60 000 fine or three years in prison. 

Concer further explained that dogs are only allowed to be chained temporally, in instances, for example where the property is not properly fenced.

“In these instances the owner needs to use a five metre-long running chain, so that the dog can have freedom to move. The situation needs to be resolved so that the dog can be unchained. It is cruel to keep an animal confined indefinitely,” she said.

“We have seen cases where the owner did not adjust the collar or chain so it cut into the animal’s skin as it grew, in some cases the skin even grew around the chain. We have even arrived at homes only to find a dead dog at the end of a chain, where a lack of food, water and or shelter took its toll. This is unacceptable,” she said.

Watch this beautiful video of what taking a chain off a dog can do to their lives.

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