People loved Miley Cyrus’s pop rendition of “Bodak Yellow”

People loved Miley Cyrus’s pop rendition of “Bodak Yellow”

Miley Cyrus performed a pop version of the number one hip hop hit "Bodak Yellow", and social media users loved it. 

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Miley Cyrus is a guest of The Tonight Show for this week, promoting her latest album “Younger Now”. Miley and the host of the show, Jimmy Fallon, played the popular “musical genre challenge”, where each person has to reinterpret a well-known song in a completely different genre. 

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The two covered a number of songs, with Jimmy accepting the challenge of transforming “Cotton Eye Joe” into a heartbreaking ballad, and Miley giving a fun Bluegrass version of R Kelly’s “Remix to Ignition”

While both of them were great sports, the Rolling Stone applauds Miley for showing how much stylistic ground she can cover with her singing. When the genre generator prompted her to sing a pop version of “Bodak Yellow” – a hip hop song by Cardi B that is currently number one on the US charts – Miley saw a chance to shine. 

She belted the chorus, adding the appropriate pop performance hand gestures and getting cheers from the audience. Miley took it home by standing up from her seat and really singing her heart out, the way any pop diva worth her salt would.

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Metro reports that fans of the show took to social media to express how pleasantly surprised they were that they liked Miley’s version of the popular hip hop song. Here are some of their responses:

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