Restaurant claims lobsters that were high off marijuana taste better

Restaurant claims getting lobsters high makes them taste better

A restaurant owner in Maine says it is more humane to get lobsters high off marijuana before cooking them.

person holding lobster
The restaurant owner smokes the lobsters up before boiling them./Unsplash

Lovers of seafood have debated endlessly about the best way to decrease cruelty when cooking crustaceans. But it seems that, aside from not eating lobsters or crayfish at all, there is no way to avoid boiling the sea creatures alive before cooking them. 

So, what if there was a way to ease lobsters and other shellfish into their eventual death? Or a way to ensure that they don't even notice that they are headed out of the frying pan and onto a diner's hot plate? Charlotte Gill, owner of Charlotte's Legendary Lobster Pound in Maine, USA, believes she has found the solution: getting the lobsters high off marijuana before cooking them. 

Charlotte tested her theory that lobsters are more relaxed after smoking marijuana by putting one lobster named Roscoe into a closed box with water covering its surface then blowing smoke into the box. Charlotte believed Roscoe was visibly more relaxed when he emerged from the smoke-infused box

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Charlotte believes getting lobsters high before boiling them alive is more humane: "The animal is already going to be killed. It is far more humane to make it a kinder passage."

Her methods have raised eyebrows among seafood lovers and marijuana smokers alike.

There is no scientific evidence to support Charlotte's theory, as it is unclear whether lobsters have the required receptors in their brains to become intoxicated in the first place. 

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But her efforts, though they may be misguided, are noble: these days many people prefer to know that their food was prepared as ethically as possible. 

And don't worry: eating a lobster that has been "smoked" in marijuana will not get you high

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