This lion in the Kruger National Park caused a car tyre to explode

This lion in the Kruger National Park caused a car tyre to explode

A family witnessed a lion in the Kruger National Park biting a car tyre. See what the lion did next.

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On a drive through the Kruger National Park, you expect to see a lion or elephant or two. When the animals get close to your car it can be thrilling, but also very dangerous. 

When 13-year-old Sean Obeire was out on a drive with his family, they came across a group of cars parked at a sighting, watching the lions. They stopped to look, and things were relatively quiet - until a young lion walked right up to one of the other cars and started to sniff around it. 

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Sean and his family were excited, and he tells that they were watching the lion and making jokes about how it could possibly scratch the paint or damage the car. But then something happened: the lion bit into the car’s tyre and punctured it. But the lion's reaction is not what you would expect from a fierce cat such as this. 

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Watch how the lion runs away immediately after it punctures the tyre. 

That was a close call! The lion could have jumped onto the car and endangered the occupants of the other car, but instead this turned into a memorable bonding moment between wildlife enthusiasts. The family can be heard laughing before Sean’s father goes over to help the driver of the car to fix the tyre. 

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