Tortoise survives elephant stampede!

Tortoise survives elephant stampede!

A tortoise was caught in an elephant stampede and lived to tell the tale!

tortoise v elephant

Tortoises are known for being quiet, slow creatures who seem to be born with years of knowledge about surviving in the wild. 

With their hardy shells and beady eyes, tortoises are among the most fascinating members of the animal kingdom, even if they are not the biggest.

For this particular tortoise in Pilanesberg, size was the least important factor in surviving an elephant stampede. 

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Watch the video below to see how the little tortoise effortlessly avoids getting stomped on by the larger animals.

According to, the elephants themselves were aware of the tortoise's presence and look to be doing their best not to crush him!

Isn't it amazing how the leathery beasts instinctively knew that they had to be gentle around the shell-clad creature?

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