Underwater footage reveals the amazing sounds toadfish make

Underwater footage reveals the amazing sounds toadfish make

Footage from the depths of the ocean reveals that toadfish have a unique voice of their own.

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What sound does a fish make? 

Aside from the likes of Flounder and Nemo, who have the generous gift of animated speech, it seems fish don't make much noise at all. They swim around in silence, minding their own business. 

If you don't make a habit of watching nature documentaries, you would be forgiven for thinking that fish don't make any sounds. You certainly wouldn't expect to hear a fish sounding like a cellphone. 

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Yet, that is exactly what happens with toadfish. Footage from National Geographic Wild shows a toadfish under some coral opening its mouth to release sounds that are amazingly similar to those made by a smartphone. 

No, the diver didn't forget to switch off his phone before he went underwater. The toadfish really sounds like a vibrating phone!

These are the mating sounds of this species, known as the "splendid toadfish". In other instances, the fish produces the sound as a warning signal in times of danger, such as when dolphins (who consume a considerable amount of toadfish in their diet) are in the vicinity.  

Now, if you drop your phone in the ocean the chances of getting it back are still very slim - but don't be surprised if someone tells you they heard a strange vibrating noise while they were out in the water.

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