Watch as Serbian footballer feigns 'death'

Watch as Serbian footballer feigns 'death'

If the Oscars existed for footballers, this player would definitely win for 'Most Ridiculous Reaction'.

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If there is one thing we know for sure, it's the fact that footballers love a good dive and roll on the floor. 

However, how far they end up taking that dive, is completely in their hands. Now, we're not saying that Serbian footballer Danko Lazović was being a tad too dramatic here, but if we could, we would definitely give him a slow clap for his commitment.

We want to say that it's something we have never seen before, but when it comes to football players faking an injury or, in this case, taking it way out of proportion, rolling on the floor, kicking in the air as if he is throwing a tantrum, you best believe it happens. 

Someone just take this man off the field, please!

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