Wild dog and hippo corner impala in nail-biting standoff

Wild dog and hippo corner impala in nail-biting standoff

An impala was caught between a rock and a hard place on the S65 in the Kruger National Park when it tried to escape from both a hippo and a pack of wild dogs. 

impala v wild dog
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A game drive on the S65 road in the Kruger National Park led by Arun Rao of Legend Safaris presented visitors with a thrilling scene featuring a wild dog, an impala, and a hippo.

Arun told LatestSightings.com how the group noticed a pack of wild dogs running away from a watering hole. The dogs noticed an impala calf nearby, and one of them immediately gave chase.

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The impala ran towards the watering hole, jumping into the water and meeting a large hippo there. The hippo pushed the impala back out of the water, apparently trying to save the antelope. Just as the impala thought it had a chance to escape, the wild dog gained on it and took it down. 

The following video contains some strong language.

Arun says the group witnessed vultures coming to pick at the rest of the carcass after the wild dog walked away when it had had its fill.

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