Would you get your hair cut with fire?

Would you get your hair cut with fire?

We're not too sure if we would allow this barber to cut our hair?


Are you brave enough to get your hair cut by a barber who uses fire?

If there is one thing that many people love, it has to be their hair. Hair is not only important to our appearance, but it's also an important factor that affects our confidence. With that being said, some are risking their hair being cut by Mohamed Hanafy. 

Hanafy uses open flames to cut hair. He states that the flames not only straighten the hair, but strengthen it as well.

While that may seem hard to believe, people are lining up to get lit. 

In the video below, the barber can be seen greasing up the hair and suddenly lighting the head of hair up. The hair takes light and the customer seems to be relaxed and not phased at all.

Would you allow this barber to cut your hair using fire? 

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