7 Money-Saving, Stress-Less Holiday Shopping Tips

Seven Money-Saving, Stress-Free Holiday Shopping Tips

Are you already close to suffocating with regards to all the festive shopping and Christmas gifts? Relax and check out these useful tips we’ve gathered to help you stick to your budget and save you the stress of navigating the holiday shopping madness.

Christmas shopping mad rush

First things first 

Writing down everything is a great way to begin. Jot down everyone on your gift list, gift ideas, and budget the maximum amount you’re willing to spend. Don’t forget to include the delivery costs.

Start Early

Waiting to start buying holiday gifts a week before Christmas is setting yourself up for failure. The sooner you start, the better. Rather keep a lookout for possible gifts from your list from the start of the year, as you usually spot the best gifts when you least expect it. Come December you’ll be at ease knowing that you’re way down your list and won’t have to battle with financial strain.

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Do Online Research

One can pretty much find anything on the net. Check sites with user reviews and ratings to find out which products have the most positive feedback.

Hit up the pre-sales (If You Dare)

Black Friday is one of the days everyone hopes to take full advantage of to cut down expenses during the festive season, so this could be your saving grace. However, if you have already missed this you can always try a few of the pre-Christmas sales. Plan ahead by searching the web for offers on sites and ads from various stores, as well as updates from the latest offers as they become available. 

Get free Holiday Shipping

If you’re a last-minute shopper, then you probably won't pay attention to this one. Prefer to get your Christmas shopping done early? Well, some online stores go as far as shipping more than 1,000 online merchants for free with delivery by Christmas Eve.

Do It Yourself

If you’re creatively inclined and craft handy, you should probably avoid the buying craze altogether and go DIY. Bake a batch of cookies, sew personalised tote bags, or make beautiful earrings for friends and family. If you need to learn a new skill, look into classes in your neighbourhood or invest in a how-to book, there’s one for just about every craft out there.

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