Traffic Sing-Along with Afrikaans Music Superstar Karlien Van Jaarsveld

Traffic Sing-Along with Afrikaans Music Superstar Karlien Van Jaarsveld

Earlier this morning we were joined by Afrikaans music superstar, Karlien van Jaarsveld, who teamed up with MalJan for the epic 'Traffic Sing-Along'.

Karlien van jaarsveld

There's nothing better than while being in traffic, you turn up your radio and sing along to one of your favourite songs. This is exactly what we did this morning. It was time for the always fun and entertaining - Traffic Sing Along!

Afrikaans music star and all-round sweetheart, Karlien van Jaarsveld teamed up with MalJan and joined him in a sexy Jaguar F-Type, that took to the busy, congested roads. What was their mission you may ask? Well, it was all for fun and to make getting stuck in the busy traffic a whole lot better.

Karlien and MalJan

Karlien and MalJan were ready to head out into the busy traffic and get you to sing along with them. The first song that we thought would get you sing along was Taylor Swift's - Shake It Off. Karlien lead the way... 

Well, if that wasnt enough to get you going we had another popular hit up our sleeves. Next up, Karlien lead the singing to Lianie May and Jay's - Naweek Lyfie. Seeing that Wednesday is seen as the 'klein naweek' day of the week, it was the perfect fit.

A big thank you to Karlien van Jaarsveld for joining us this morning. It was a blast. As well to the team at Jaguar Silver Lakes in Pretoria for the incredibly sexy, Jaguar F-Type.

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