3 Things men will simply never understand

Three things men will simply never understand

There are a few things about women that men just flat-out do not understand.

Don't know woman
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Liesl Laurie came to the rescue to explain what really happens in a woman’s brain and why men sometimes do not understand them. 

A video surfaced on the internet again of a woman who is seen running through the rain while holding a baby above her head. The woman, presumably the mother of the child, is using the child to cover her own face and hair in the downpour.

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Here are the three things men will simply never understand about women:

  1. All the towels aren’t for daily use.
  2. Scatter cushions are a necessity and it looks pretty.
  3. A man will never understand what goes on in a woman’s handbag.

What do you think men simply do not understand about women?

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