Alcohol sales are back but has your favourite drink expired?

Alcohol sales are back but has your favourite drink expired?

You can buy alcohol again under lockdown level 2 but is it safe? 

Two persons holding two drinking glasses filled with beer

Spirits such as whiskey, gin, vodka and even wine that has the potential to age well can last a very long time on the shelf. 

However, your favourite beer doesn’t fall into that category. 

President Ramaphosa stopped alcohol sales with immediate effect during lockdown level 3. 

After a long lockdown and beer stock being in storage, the question is whether that beer is now past its sell-by date? 

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Beer does go bad but it can last a long time under proper storage conditions and most beers have a shelf life well beyond the best-by date chosen by brewers.

Follow these basic beer storage tips:

Refrigerate - Keep your beer in a refrigerator to slow the aging process and block out UV light. 

Find a Dark Place - Choose a cool room with minimal temperature changes. 

Store Beer Upright - Avoid unnecessary oxidation by keeping bottles and cans in an upright position. 

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These tips indicate that great beer is affected by all sorts of elements, including temperature, sunlight, the storage container and more. 

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