Menlopark pupil speaks out about animal cruelty allegations

Menlopark pupil speaks out about animal cruelty allegations

It was reported this weekend that alleged animal cruelty took place during the school’s '40 Days' celebration.

School Breakfast

Animal activist and Breakfast Show host, Martin Bester, opened the telephone lines and urged anyone who has information to call in to give clarity on the situation.

It is alleged that rats and chickens were ‘set free’ during '40 Days', and the animals did not make it out alive.

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Nika van Der Merwe, a grade 11 pupil of Menlopark High School, set the record straight on Breakfast with Martin Bester.

Another Matric pupil messaged the Breakfast Show stating that the allegations are untrue. "Die storie is NIE waar nie, geen diere was op 40 days seergemaak nie. Die diere was óf weer deur hul eienaars opgetel of deur die onderwysers gekonfiskeer... (The story is NOT true, no animals were hurt in 40 days. The animals were either picked up by their owners or confiscated by the teachers)"

According to JacaNews, the prestigious school has appointed an independent investigator to determine the facts behind allegations that the school’s learners were involved in animal cruelty. Read more here.

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