"Amy'Leigh developed a fear for trees after kidnapping" - Journalist Jacques Myburgh reveals exclusively

"Amy'Leigh developed a fear for trees after kidnapping" - Journalist Jacques Myburgh reveals exclusively

Jacques Myburgh is the first and only journalist who sat down for an exclusive interview with Amy'Leigh de Jager's parents. 

Amy-Lee de Jager was grabbed from outside Kollegepark Primary School in Vanderbijlpark on Monday.

Earlier this month, six-year-old Amy-Leigh de Jager was kidnapped outside her school Kollegepark Primary school in Vanderbijlpark.

A private investigator was appointed to investigate the case and the R2 million ransom that was negotiated. De Jager was reunited with her family the next day after she was kidnapped. 

Three suspects were arrested in connection with her kidnapping. The suspects, two women aged 27 and 40, as well as a 50-year-old man, were arrested at their homes in Vanderbijlpark.

The journalist who interviewed the parents of Amy-Leigh, Jacques Myburg from Huisgenoot chatted to Martin Bester about his interview with the parents. 

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"The day when she was grabbed, a lot of stories started doing the rounds on social media. Later people said she was found, and that made the family angry."

"When she was found, other stories made the headlines that her parents were involved - but there is still no evidence. " 

“Angeline and Tharina had a fall out and was not friends anymore for the last couple of months.  The motivation behind the kidnapping must have been money, because there was a ransom asked of R2million rand but it was not paid. What they wanted to do with the money we don’t know at this stage – but it will come out in the court”

"Amy-Leigh was dropped off in a very dangerous area, and we think the kidnappers got too nervous."

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“A man and woman found Amy-Leigh after they heard her crying.  The man carried her on his back 4km to the Police Station”.

"Amy-Leigh developed a fear for trees, whenever she sees a tree she will start crying. I think when she was kidnapped all she saw in the car was trees." 

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