Martin could name our parking lot after you!

Martin could name our parking lot after you!

If you are, you could be in for a big surprise!

OTBT Breakfast Martin
Breakfast with Martin Bester

With all the name changes happening around South Africa we want to do a few name changes of our own. 

Martin Bester thought even though we don’t have much of a say over the changing of the Cape Town International airport, we can rename our Jacaranda FM carpark after you.

Do you have a suggestion?

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What makes you the most loyal fan of Breakfast with Martin. Bester? Tell us and we could name the Jacaranda FM HQ carpark after you! Email [email protected] with your motivation.

We also asked you want what you think Cape Town International airport should be renamed to and you had a few very interesting suggestions.

Many made their vote on the @JacaBreakfast Twitter poll:

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