Breakfast with Martin Bester starts a regift swap shop!

Breakfast with Martin Bester starts a regift swap shop!

Have you heard about the art of regifting? Breakfast with Martin Bester has a plan!

Elma's Christmas cup
Supplied/Elma Smit

Regifting has become more popular over the years. It is when a gift has been received and you then give it to someone else as a present. 

The art of regifting can work when it is done carefully, with thought and without ill intentions.

Martin Bester realised there was a gift Elma Smit would swap with someone else - a gift from her mother!

Elma's Breakfast cup
Supplied/Elma Smit

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However, Martin Bester also wanted to swap his white shirt with rainbow colours and what happened next he did not expect:

There are a few rules to regifting, though:

1. Never regift something that is handmade or that has sentimental value to you or the other person who gifted you the object.

2. Regift outside your circle of friends only.

3. Some gifts cannot be regifted, for example, an item that comes in a specific box or holder. So be careful!

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