Brendan Peyper and Minke Brits share the stage on Friday Live

Brendan Peyper and Minke Brits share the stage on Friday Live!

Brendan Peyper and Minke Brits perform Lady A's 'Need You Now' live in studio!

Brendan Peyper, Minke Brits, Martin Bester
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Listen to Brendan Peyper talk to Martin Bester:

On Friday Martin Bester and the team were joined by South African singers Brendan Peyper and Minke Brits. The duo performed their rendition of Lady A's 'Need You Now' on Friday Live.

Watch their performance here:

Peyper made waves across South Africa with his debut album 'Stop, wag, bly nog 'n bietjie' back in 2015 and has since released several albums and singles cementing him as one of South Africa's biggest Afrikaans singers. 

He also recently released a new single, 'Meisies Soos Jy' which reached number two on the Apple Music Top 10 Afrikaans hits list. 

In response to 'Meisies Soos Jy' singer, Minke Brits released her version of the song, 'Ouens Soos Jy' on TikTok. The cover drew Peyper's attention and he immediately approached Brits to record a duet version of the song. 

Listen to 'Meisies en Ouens Soos Jy':

Peyper also announced on Friday that he will be releasing his newest EP on 22 July 2022 called 'Insomnia'. 

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