Car guards 'chill' while robbery takes place

Car guards 'chill' while robbery takes place

A video of a robbery is doing the rounds on social media - and the car guards in the vicinity just 'chilled' while it all unfolded. 

Facebook/ Intelligent Bureau SA

On Wednesday, a video of a robbery was shared by Intelligence Bureau SA - and the fact that the car guards did nothing is what has shocked many people. 

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In the video, we can see men loading goods into a black Corsa bakkie, while the guards are just 'chilling' and watching the robbery. 

"Someone must stop them," said the lady that was recording the video. 

The robbery took place in Durban Road, Tygervalley.

Elma Smit's sister works in the same building and told Breakfast with Martin Bester that this is the fourth robbery for the year. 


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