COVID-19’s mental health toll: Clinical psychologist steps in

COVID-19’s mental health toll: Clinical psychologist steps in

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Candice Cowen
Source: Jacaranda FM

Cowen is a qualified clinical psychologist and divorce mediator. She specialises in working with children and families, including family therapy, couples therapy, building communication skills, conflict resolution skills, and pre-marital counselling. 

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If you were someone who did not have mental problems before but are struggling to keep the balance during this time, this is for you.

Cowen says: “If you can’t get work done, do not interact with friends you used to talk a lot, and a have a change in your daily schedule, there are a few self-care strategies to note.”

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Things to do (self-care strategies) according to Candice Cowen:

1.    Start from where you are at home, in the car, and at work.

2.    Pay attention to how you are talking to yourself. Sometimes when you become anxious, your thoughts might become distraught.

3.    Let go of what you cannot control.

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