Emotional parents break down on air with Martin Bester

Emotional parents break down on air with Martin Bester

Are you sending your child back to school today? Martin Bester is here to send you hugs on this big morning!

Back to school Breakfast
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Public schools across the country will officially open on Wednesday for the start of the 2020 academic year.

The department’s Elijah Mhlanga says schools are prepared to welcome new students across the grades: “Teachers have been at schools for the past two days and today for them is day three, but we know for parents it’s day one and for learners it’s day one."

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Breakfast with Martin Bester welcomed children back to school and especially offered support for parents who sent their children to school on Wednesday morning.

Parents didn’t hold back on how they’re going to miss their bundles of joy and it certainly put a tear in our eye!

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Gerda de Sousa, journalist on Breakfast with Martin Bester, sent her son to Grade 9 today.

Gerda first day

Is your child going back to school today?

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