Five-year-old Marno Muller is back home!

Five-year-old Marno Muller is back home!

Marno Muller has been released from hospital!

Marno Muller
Supplied/ Helga Muller

Little Marno Muller,  5, has been released from the hospital after doctors confirmed that he has not incurred any brain damage after the tragic incident at his creche. 

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According to Maroela Media, doctors also confirmed that Muller has made a considerable improvement and he will not have to go through further MRI scans. Since he was released from the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) on Monday his recovery has been swift. 

In late May, five-year-old Marno Muller was found hanging from the strings of his hoodie after playing on a slide at his creche. According to reports, the strings of the hoodie got stuck to the top of the slide. As the little one was sliding down the strings got progressively tighter and finally began suffocating Marno halfway down the slide.

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Muller was placed in a medically induced coma for three weeks after the incident from which he woke up last Sunday. 

Helga Muller, Marno's mom, took to Facebook to share her gratitude. "Little person, but a big miracle from God."

Although he has been released from the hospital the little one will still be undergoing many forms of therapy as there are many basic tasks that he now has to re-learn.

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