GMA Coronavirus Support: R20 000 for Kitty and Puppy Haven in Midrand

GMA Coronavirus Support: R20 000 for Kitty and Puppy Haven in Midrand

There are no lockdown bail-outs for animals in need. The Kitty and Puppy Haven needs your help.

The Kitty and Puppy Haven

BACKGROUND: South Africa has been in lockdown for 40 days and counting. It has been a time of collective sacrifice on many levels, with the most vulnerable in society again bearing the brunt. This is especially true for the voiceless … the animals in need. There are no bail outs for animals in distress and those that are lucky enough to be in animal care facilities have a fighting chance  But animal care facilities are taking massive strain as the donations they depend on, are fewer and smaller than ever. One of these facilities is Kitty and Puppy Haven in Midrand. Founder and owner, Samantha Berger and her 16 staff have been in lockdown with their 300 furry residents for the entire lockdown period. Samantha has taken it upon herself to care for all  - and she’s been able to do so - but it’s getting tougher by the day. They have not been able to process any adoptions during lockdown, but hope that this will change soon. In the meantime they are in dire need of any donations of food and cash to see the staff and animals through. They are on site to accept donations. Read more on their Facebook Page: Kitty and Puppy Haven.


REQUEST FOR: Samantha Berger, Founder of Kitty & Puppy Haven 

REQUEST FROM: Various listeners including Ion Murray 


ANGEL:  The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 


SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will send R20 000 in AngelRands to Samantha to assist in taking care of her 16 live-in staff and 300 animals. 

#AngelRands is Jacaranda FM Good Morning Angel’s own electronic voucher, managed and distributed on our behalf by (powered by Celbux).

YOU CAN HELP: To assist Kitty and Puppy Have please make a donation to:

Account name: Kitty and Puppy Haven

Bank: Nedbank

Branch: 197005

Account: 1970-845-082




It is with a heavy heart that I write to you now. Kitty and Puppy Haven are in desperate need of help. My name is Samantha Berger and I am the owner and founder of the Shelter.  I want to share a little of the journey of Kitty and Puppy Haven which brings us to where we are today.

20 years ago I gave up my life in the corporate world to fulfill a dream of making a difference to the life and destiny of as many abused, abandoned, and neglected domestic animals as I possibly could with my limited resources. I started with two litters of stray kittens housed in my spare room. Little by little, we grew and today we care for over 300 animals and employ 18 full-time staff.

Needless to say, the journey has been fraught with what has seemed like an insurmountable Mountain to climb, tears, and heartache. We have had to move properties 3 times before finding our current property in Midrand. We have been crippled by burglaries and faced the devastation of a fire. Rand Water tore up our property, with very little compensation, and made it almost impossible for us to operate for 7 months. But the challenges we have faced fade away when we look at all the lives we have saved and destinies we have changed.

We have seen the most broken and traumatised animals learn to trust again. We nurse our babies physically and emotionally and make them whole again. There can be no greater reward. Our slogan is ‘’We Change Their Destiny”. Once an animal comes into our care, no expense is spared to meet all that animal’s needs and to find them the perfect forever home. Some, like our very feral cats, will spend the rest of their days with us because they, sadly, are not homely.
But we love them like our own and do everything to ensure we meet their every need. Anyone who has seen our Cat Sanctuary will attest to this.

Right now, we are in ‘Crises Mode’
With National Lockdown our Sanctuary is closed. We have had to move 14 members of staff onto the property, both to care for our animals and for their own safety.
We are housing and feeding them and doing everything possible to ensure their comfort during this time. Our operating costs have risen but we have absolutely no income.
We still have to pay salaries, rates, water, and electricity, provide food for our animals and staff and pay for veterinary visits and care. Our operating costs are over R250,000 per month. We are unable to conduct fundraisers, receive physical donations, operate our shop, or process any adoptions.

Some may ask why we did not go the Foster route and seek homes for our animals during the lockdown. The answers are simple. What if they needed veterinary care?
What if their carer got sick? How would they be able to understand being lavished with love in a home environment and building a relationship with their carer, only to be returned to the Sanctuary once lockdown is lifted? Everything we do and every decision we take is in the best interest of the babies in our care, who are doomed to a life of suffering...

But the situation is DIRE and that is why I am appealing to anyone who feels they are able to, to assist us to get through by making a donation, no matter how big or small.

*A donation R20 will be appreciated as lots of R20 will add up!*
‘Anything’ will help and will be so greatly appreciated. 🥳
It can be a one-off, or a monthly donation (just request a debit order form). 
We are a registered Public Beneficiary Organisation so donations can be Tax Deductible and we can issue an 18A Tax Certificate.



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