Good Morning Angels: Baby Aqeefah requires a flight to have a chance at saving her life

Good Morning Angels: Baby Aqeefah requires a flight to have a chance at saving her life

Shanaas and Vernon received bad news from their doctor - their baby’s heart is very weak and there is nothing they can do.

GMA 17 Feb
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BACKGROUND: Baby Aqeefah was born to Shanaas and Vernon Snell from Bishop Lavis in the Western Cape on 31 March 2020. Their bundle of joy came during lockdown, which had its challenges. Sadly, at the time, they were advised to say their final goodbyes. This was nine months ago and little Aqeefah is still fighting on. A friend of the family, Ina Pieters, found a doctor at the Heart and Lung Foundation in Sunninghill who will assess Aqeefah free of charge, as the family does not have medical aid. Now they need to get to Johannesburg from Cape Town as soon as possible, as time is of the essence. They have never flown and they cannot afford the cost of plane tickets - and that’s why Ina wrote to Good Morning Angels. 

REQUEST FOR: Baby Aqeefah Snell  

REQUEST FROM: Ina Pieters 

ANGEL 1: Anonymous  

SPONSORING: Return flights between Cape Town and Johannesburg for Aqeefah, Shanaas, and Vernon (The flights have been arranged from Cape Town to JHB tomorrow morning and back to Cape Town Wednesday afternoon) 

ANGEL 2: The Good Morning Angels Fund NPC 

SPONSORING: The GMA Fund will assist the Snell family with R10,000 towards expenses for little Aqeefah’s medical treatment  


Dear Good Morning Angels,   

I desperately need help for little Aqeefah.  They live in Bishop Lavis on the Cape Flats.  Her parents, Shanaas and Vernon Snell, have been told by the Red Cross Doctors in Cape Town to say their final goodbyes to Aqeefah as they can do nothing for her. That was 9 months ago. Aqeefah has survived 9 months longer with her heart condition.  She is now steadily getting worse and needs intervention.  I have spoken to the Heart and Lung Foundation, Sunninghill Hospital, and sent all the reports. A doctor there would like to see Aqeefah and he is even doing it for free.

They will need to see the Cardiac specialist as well, but I will pay the consultation fee for him myself.

I enclose a copy of the video of little Aqeefah. She is so beautiful and such a fighter, she really needs a chance.  

Thank you so much for trying to help me with this, I have also asked other donors and another radio station for help, but they did not get back to me. 

I appreciate your time.

With kindest regards

Ina Pieters

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